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Szandora is a hell kitten bent on world domination. She has already appeared in the pages and members areas of the most prestigious fetish and gothic magazines and web sites. This gorgeous covergirl loves to play with her look, but she is always 100% Szandora!

Szandora profile quote: "My hair is a very important feature to my personality, if it's not the way I want it I feel as if my creativity is being stifled. My hair has been every color of the rainbow and more. I'm a natural blonde however my default color is nuclear red. When I was growing up I was always dying my hair. Having naturally blonde hair I started slowly going lighter and lighter until I hit platinum, I added bright yellow streaks and from there I went nuts. After the blonde was over I went straight for black and I integrated in every color you could go - varying colors of red, purple, blue, green, orange, pink and the list just goes on."

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