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Szandora is a very kinky girl and a gothic glamour punk style icon, so fetish fashion is just to die for when it is hugging her amazing curves. This gorgeous Blue Blood superstar makes everything she wears into an object of fetish adoration just by her putting it on.

Szandora on fashion: "I love latex because I feel snug and strapped into my sexuality. Latex shows off every curve you never thought you had, it's definitely one of my favorite things to shoot in. I always know when I shoot in latex it's always going to turn out super-cool. Corsets have to be one of my favorite things to wear. There is just something about the eloquent discipline that it gives your figure, slimmed but curvy.

I like clothing that shows off my figure. Clothing for me doesn't necessarily have to be revealing just tight, stylish and usually black and red (depending on hair color).

I love to see pinstripes on other people … they make me melt. I like to see people put an effort in what they look like and be comfortable with it. There's nothing worse than to see some stylish couture on a frumpy person - shallow I know, but it's the truth.

Oh yeah and I love boots… Pure sex appeal. They are the last article of clothing I like to take off before sex… or sometimes I even keep them on during… ::wink::"

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